Keyword – Respect.

As its said, respect is a two-way street and we expect it both ways.

Drugs – Simple, none allowed.  See keyword #1.  Drugs can easily erode respect for each other and oneself.  If you wish to have a glass of wine or drink with an Escort and she is receptive, feel free to indulge.  You also have to respect that ladies take pride in their bodies and through diet and exercise live an active and fit lifestyle, and may refrain from any alcohol intake.  Please respect their decisions.

Intoxication – Simple, not allowed.  If you are drunk or high when visiting an Escort this also erodes keyword #1. We aren’t saying don’t be happy or have a nice “buzz” on but nothing that impedes your decision making or responsible behavior.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves and be safe.  Intoxication leads to bad decision making and unwanted or unneeded ramifications.

No means no and stop means stop – Self explanatory.  Every Escort reserves the right to stop at any time if she feels uncomfortable or has any safety concerns.  The ladies will be upfront with what is included during their time of companionship with you and if you push boundaries or try to do something that is not allowed you will be asked to leave without compensation.

Cleanliness – Everyone is expected to be clean, trimmed and ready for companionship.  If you are asked to take a shower during your meeting with an Escort please do so and also use the provided mouthwash, it will be appreciated. For the best experience, be sure to brush and floss before your encounter, as bad breath is a mood killer.

Discretion – We will always maintain complete discretion, never share your number or email or make unsolicited calls or texts.  Also if for some reason there is a delay for us to respond to your text you will have to text again to make contact.

Donations – Escorts list their appropriate donations. Please have it ready at the beginning of your time together. Any attempts to bargain with, or ask for refunds from the Escort will result in being banned. We only provide an introduction, nothing more. All donations are between yourself and the Escort directly, and not with Asian Fever. Escorts accept Cash only.

Incalls – Escorts provide their own locations and invite you into the home they live in. You are a guest in her home, so remember to be kind, courteous, and respectful. If you are visiting from outside of the country, note that it’s customary in Canada to remove your shoes immediately upon entering a residence.



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